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vB5: Improvements on notifications

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  • vB5: Improvements on notifications

    I really like the notifications system as it helps to keep an eye on things that are happening. However, I am missing some additonal functionality, so I am suggesting the following improvements.

    Click image for larger version

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    1.) See screenshot under 1.: Please add another button next to "Delete", which makes it possible to jump to the post/comment/topic and delete the notification within one step, eg. "Go to & Delete". Especially if there are more than only a few notifications, I like to handle on after another. Sure I could open a new tab in my browser while keeping the notifications window open and then just click on the names of the notifications, but this always feels like a workaround.

    2.) See screenshot under 2.: Since we have the option to "See All Notifications", I am missing another button giving the option to "Delete All Notifications". This is also very helpful if there are more than only a few notifications.

    3.) See screenshot under 3.: This text makes no sense to me, but I guess this is a known issue. I just wanted to point it out, as I have seen it on my screenshot.

    This issue is also in JIRA:

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