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Scroll page to beginning of content list when opening a channel

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  • Scroll page to beginning of content list when opening a channel

    My main issue is when a forum is opened, a user always has to scroll down in order to look into the threads. It would be much better if the scroll would automate itself as the page loads. By this I mean bring the page up to the top and make itself ready for exploration. VB5 already makes use of this feature in many areas, why not extend it a little further?

    Too much scrolling for me and not enough use of the wonderful auto scroll feature.

    Voting here is more important.

    All input welcome.
    Want it?
    Do without it?

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    It is difficult to believe that a person can do without it but each to their own.


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      I personally would prefer no auto-scrolling at all. I like when a page opens to the last unread post, but other than that I expect and want to be at the top of the page.

      You will find it very difficult to predict what others want. Even things you expect will be UNIVERSALLY appreciated (or hated) never are. Like, there are people who still think the Comments system is a good idea.


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        Originally posted by Joe D. View Post
        I personally would prefer no auto-scrolling at all.
        Joe, at the first level, we are presented with the links to the various forums. Clicking on that link takes us to the thread page where we can see (after scrolling) what the topics are.
        Half of that page is taken up by the header/logo etc... Below that are all the sticky threads. Below that is the content we are looking for. To get there, a user needs to scroll (everytime).

        Clicking on a thread in link in that forum takes us to the first post. Again, it is halfway down the screen and we need to scroll again.

        However, there are a number of instances were when we click on something or other, the scrolling takes us exactly where we are wanting to start.

        No need for scrolling here.

        Example here: Clicking on the blue arrows in the quote produces the same results. it is a great feature.

        Particularly at the first level.



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          how to disable "Scroll page to beginning of content list" ?


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