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vb5 is kinda unstable

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  • vb5 is kinda unstable

    Hello guys,

    I made an upgrade from 4.2.5 to 5.64 after ... hmm 10 years?
    I thought 5.64 will be a good piece of software but it is not.

    Do you have any problems with that version of vB?

    1. CKeditor or something else ruins the post body after edit:
    I am having a strange issue all off a sudden. I recently added an article with lots of photo attachment's around 25 I think Now when I look at the article almost all the Photos are gone. Only 2 remain. If I click edit I see no attachments but if I open the top Photo I can see black thumbnails for the lost images. I am Using

    Hey. After posting a post with bb image and its thumb all is working OK. But after the editing of post, thumbs are missing - looks like some problem with bbcode. I see just a thumb but when i click on it - thumbs loads instead of full image. Before edition all works great, when i clin on thumb - full image loads. Example,

    2. When i move a small the topic, i'm getting 504 HTTP error where the timeouts are set to more than 90 seconds and server has plenty of free power.

    3. https://board/activity/get returns a 500 HTTP error even at official board ->

    4. I have a problem where one the thread returns 500 HTTP error (JSON parse something etc) when i switch from pageX to page1 of this topic.
    It happens every couple days. Clearing the cache, host reboot and other things does not resolve the problem.
    The only solution which i've found is to set the "Results per Page" to 5, refresh the page, and set back to 15-20 ... and it is working for couple days... again
    I have created a copy of whole server (SSH access, full root) and i sent it to the support, but nothing for now.

    Isn't that funny?
    I can't believe that vb5 is working so ... wrong.

    I am frustrated.

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    1. I haven't been able to recreate these issues on any site that I have access to. Your second example isn't even really using vBulletin's redirection system so without seeing the rendered code, I can't tell what is happening.

    2. This is an issue with the redirect to a new forum. It occurs occassionaly on this site when moving topics. I don't have a resolution but refreshing the page will show it was properly moved. All access should work properly after that.

    3. This isn't a direct URL and shouldn't be used in the browser address bar. If you're having problems with your Activity Stream timing out, make sure it has a valid lookback period. It can be 30 days or it can be 3000 days. It just needs a lookback period. Newer installations should default to 30 days on all search modules or tabs.

    4. How many posts does this topic have? If it is a lot (more than 1000) then you might think about closing it and opening a new topic for the same thing.
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      4. How many posts does this topic have? If it is a lot (more than 1000) then you might think about closing it and opening a new topic for the same thing.

      Just around 60 posts.
      Please contact the Trevor Hannant.
      I sent him a full access to dedicated server with full copy of the board. You can check it at your own.


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