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Migration from vBulletin 4.2.3 to vBulletin Connect (current version) or Cloud?

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  • Migration from vBulletin 4.2.3 to vBulletin Connect (current version) or Cloud?

    Hi, I have an old vBulletin install and I need to move it. I'm considering a variety of options, but I do have a license to vBulletin Connect that I have never used.

    I was wondering what the process would be to update to the new system, or to do a fresh install. Is there any way to move to Cloud?

    Also, I have a TON of unactivated spam accounts I want to get rid of.


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    It would probably be best to purge the unwanted accounts before upgrading. If they are in the Awaiting Email Verification usergroup, you can do this under Users -> Prune / Move Users.

    After that, the system can be upgraded to either vBulletin Connect or vBulletin Cloud. The download provides scripts to handle the migration and upgrade of your data. The difference in the process is that you would either upgrade to 5.6.X or pay for us to do so. With vBulletin Cloud, the migration is included with the purchase of a year's service. vBulletin Cloud also includes all upgrades during that year and hosting. All you have to do on Cloud is manage your site. We handle the backend stuff.
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