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  • Thread id changed after upgrade..

    I just made plan to upgrade my from to latest 5.6.0,so i made a test website to see is everything fine to avoid any error or not to stuck in dead sea..
    So here is the process i did to make test website.

    i created sub domain with php 7.2 and used vb_test.php to make sure everything correct and its pass everything..

    Then i created a copy of my live forum database and restore it to new database.

    After this i uploaded all fine to new empty dir and uploaded 5.6.0 upload folder content.

    Then and i follow what is said and i got few error but after refresh page its work.

    Now i have running vbulletin 5.6.0 then i notice my all old url link going to wrong thread,then i see that all of the thread id has been changed...

    Here is example :
    Live forum url and see red marked area in url.
    New test site url of same thread see the red marked area.

    I upgraded from 4.2.2 patch level 6 to 5.6.0.

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    This is by design. When switching to vBulletin 5, it is more of a migration than an upgrade. The structure of how content is stored in the database is completely different than previous versions. There are no forum, thread, or post tables. Everything is stored in the Node table with a hierarchal tree stored in the closure table. If you used any of the standard URL formats in vBulletin 3 or 4, then the system will automatically redirect users to the proper location.
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