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  • Quick reply "please enter a valid URL"

    5.6.0 upgrade from 4.2.2
    Some users are getting "Please enter a valid URL" error when they just type text in the quick reply (not touching the "Add Link" bar).

    It won't allow the reply to be posted until the URL is added

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    Make sure they have the "Can Create Text" permission in the Channel permissions. If they do not, it will select whatever content type they have permission to post automatically.

    If they have that permission and see the "Add Link" panel, then they should turn that off by clicking on the link icon above the editor.
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      Thanks Wayne.

      Turns-out it's only in this section so yes, it's looking like permissions. The channel permissions were screwed-up after the upgrade and I quickly tried to make sense of what they should be. I feel pretty clumbsy in the channel manager/permissions area but I think I've got it right.

      They have "Can Create test/post" in the "Create Permissions" section and clicking the link icon above the editor does nothing.

      This is a "news" section that members can reply to threads but not post new content.

      Edit Channel Permissions For Usergroup: "Registered Users" in Channel "News"


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        This is looking more like a bug.
        If I reset Registered Users permissions on the tree the "Add Link" panel goes away and everything works as it should.

        If the only change I make to the user permissions is:

        Can Post Topics NO

        The "Add Link" appears and is required to post a message.

        What am I doing wrong and how do I stop the usergroup from starting topics in that area?


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