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    Hey friends,

    I've encountered something that is probably an easy fix, but after doing some digging I can't find a solution. I've done the following steps below, and ran the installation. After the install is where I encounter my problem. I've attached the image which shows the styling not configured, as well I don't have access to my AdminCP. Please help.
    • After Purchasing, download vBulletin Connect from the your Member's Area.
    • Unzip the downloaded package on your local machine. Depending on your hosting provider and internet connection this can take some time.
    • In your vBulletin files there will be a directory called upload. Enter it.
    • Rename config.php.bkp to config.php (ren config.php.bkp config.php)
    • Enter the /upload/core/includes directory.
    • Rename to config.php (ren config.php)
    • Edit config.php and change these values to match your information.
      • $config['Database']['dbname'] = 'databasename';
      • $config['Database']['technicalemail'] = '[email protected]';
      • $config['MasterServer']['servername'] = 'localhost'; // may be referred to as a host name
      • $config['MasterServer']['port'] = 3306;
      • $config['MasterServer']['username'] = 'username';
      • $config['MasterServer']['password'] = 'password';
      • Make sure that all values are to the right of the equal sign (=) and between the single quotes ('). If you do not know these values they can be obtained from your hosting provider.
      • No other values need to be changed in this file for a basic installation of vBulletin Connect.
    • Using your SFTP Client, upload the contents of the upload directory (including all sub-directories and files) to your server. Place these files in the directory where you want to install vBulletin.
    • Rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess (the leading period is required). If you are using Filezilla, you can do this by right-clicking on the file and choosing rename on the context menu. This can also be done from the Windows Command Line before uploading the files to the server.
    I'm run

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    I should also mention that I run the forum out of a sub directory, so the domain should be


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      This means rewrite rules are not working correctly on the server.

      Assuming you've definitely renamed the .htaccess file correctly, ask your host to check that mod_rewrite is running, and that allow_override is set to 'All'.

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        See the second post in this topic -
        Translations provided by Google.

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