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Prune user bug 5.5.6

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  • Wayne Luke
    This appears to be a bug. Please see this issue:

    Leave a comment:

  • energetic-forum
    started a topic Prune user bug 5.5.6

    Prune user bug 5.5.6

    Pruning users for users waiting for email confirmation. Checked boxes, checked delete and GO -
    gives error: Please Complete All Required Fields

    There are no more fields than that.

    Moving to banned users gives same exact error.

    When starting the pruning search - I deleted the days since posted and post count field. It gives the results list without those.

    So I went back to do the search and added info into those fields, still doesn't work so that is obviously not a reference to those fields, which they shouldn't be because the results page to delete or move users is after the fact.

    Anyway, what now?

    edit - it's a definite glitch and it comes from trying to delete, move or do anything with too many users. I did a smaller batch and it works.

    The error should warn about a quantity limit rather than an irrelevant message.

    What is that quantity? I don't know, when results come up, it should give a quantity of results so we have some context to compare to a known limit.
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