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How to turn on the EDIT switch?

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  • How to turn on the EDIT switch?

    At the top of to the right of my username, there is an edit switch I can turn off or on.

    In - that option is missing even though I'm logged in as an Admin.

    I can't find the option to turn this on, where is it?

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    I recently had this and similar issue when updating a registered user to admin. i had just checked secondary group as administrators for this user. after that it showed a limited admincp menu and no edit.on regular page.

    my solution was to make primary group administrators, display group administrators and secondary group as registered. after saving this config the next window was a grant admin page, which i choose yes for all and saved. after that, they could see all of the admincp features and the edit appeared.

    hope that helps, may not be the only solution


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      Each Administrator has a series of permissions that can control what they access. This includes Site Builder. You can access these permissions under Usergroups -> Administrator Permissions in the AdminCP. In order to edit another Administrator's permissions, you must by a Super Administrator as defined in the /core/includes/config.php file. On most installations this is the user with the ID of 1 if you have not changed this.

      Primary or Secondary group shouldn't have any affect on what the Administrator can access within the AdminCP or Site Builder. The Administrator Permissions cover this.
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        Thanks, got it. Didn't know that whole active header edit system was "Site builder" pretty handy.


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