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Forum page all blank after upgrade to 5.5.5

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  • Forum page all blank after upgrade to 5.5.5

    I did this on my test site only so far, but after upgrade 5.5.4 to 5.5.5 the forum is all blank, as I recall the time before the solution to this was to force login to admincp and then it would resolve properly.

    Why is that? Why would the site show as blank until I do one login directly via forums/admincp?

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    The page shouldn't be blank. Logging into the AdminCP shouldn't fix a blank page. That action doesn't actually do anything that would affect the front-end.

    A Blank Page and/or a 500 Server Error usually means a fatal PHP error somewhere along the line. What happens if you put the site into debug mode?
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      It just seems to happen every time I upgrade. There is no 500 server error and it's not a Completely blank page it's more like all the colors of the forum template are there but otherwise no content. And then once I login to admincp the site resolves properly.


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