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Installed the latest version but still shows vb5.0.0

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  • Mohammed Abu Risha
    commented on 's reply
    Thank you! This is what I did and everything is set.

  • Wayne Luke
    You need to run the upgrade.php script to actually upgrade your site. Uploading files doesn't perform an upgrade, it makes an upgrade possible.

    If you install vBulletin and then point it to a new database, your database is still going to be an older version until you run the upgrade scripts.

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  • Installed the latest version but still shows vb5.0.0

    (((Update:: Please, admin, disregard and delete this post. I think I managed to fix the issue by reloading the vbulletin files).

    I have followed the instructions for the upgrade by creating a new folder, dropping in the contents of the latest patch and entering into the upgrade.
    I linked it to the database correctly and it installed.
    But, afterward two things happened:

    1. A brand new forum was created without anything from the previous installation (I have a backup of the sql and can retrieve it)
    2. The upgrade still says the version is 5.0 instead of 5.4

    What is my mistake?
    Last edited by Mohammed Abu Risha; Tue 1 Oct '19, 11:24pm.

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