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Any tips / requirements for installing APC for VB5?

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  • Any tips / requirements for installing APC for VB5?


    can I install APC and configure it for Ubuntu like it is explained in ?
    Or do I have to be aware of other settings?

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    APC isn't supported in vBulletin 5. APC development ended during PHP 5.5 and it is not compatible with PHP 7.1. The best feature of APC, which was pre-compiling your PHP scripts and storing them in memory, is a native feature of PHP 7 with the opcache library. You can use APCU but you won't receive much benefit from it overall.

    You should use Memcached for best results with vBulletin 5. Using Memcached allows you to offload the datastore and parts of the system cache to memory storage and reduce access on MySQL.
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