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Database size during upgrade

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  • Database size during upgrade

    Upgrading vBulletin 4.2.5 -> 5.5.2 and my database size is initially 524MB. During the upgrade it gets part way through and freezes. When I checked the database size it had grown to 1040MB and since the host limit is 1GB it switched to read only.

    Is the database space requirements much greater in vB5 or is this just part of the upgrade process. If so, is there a workaround?

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    vB5 databases are considerably larger than vB4 databases, though they will be higher still during an upgrade as things are changed and rewritten. There is no way round this.

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      Find a better host. A 1GB limit is ridiculous.


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        During upgrade, your data is often doubled as it is converted to the new storage format from the previous tables. As the process continues, we will delete old and unneeded tables.

        However, a vBulletin 5 database will still be larger. Most tables in a vBulletin 4 database use a Latin character set. This allots one byte per character. In today's world with modern languages, this is insufficient so you need a database that uses UTF-8 as its storage mechanism. This takes up 2-3 times the space as a Latin character set. For full compatibility with modern devices, we recommend using the UTF8MB4 character set. This uses 4 bytes per character or 4 times the space as a Latin character set.
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          Even if the database size was 1GB or lower after the upgrade, you would have the same issue in the immediate future when your site gets more content. As what In Omnibus said, find a better host. You must be in a Shared Plan to have a 1GB db size limit?

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