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  • Veritashosting
    started a topic Database Error

    Database Error

    Hi there

    I wrote everything about:

    "Database Error:1709 Index column size too large. The maximum column size is 767 bytes."

    Is there any way too change it?, i try 5.6 7.0 7.1 en 7.2 version but it still not work ?

    Your answer : "You have to have the server administrator set innodb_large_prefix to On for your database server configuration"


    * Strange provider says he has changed it but i still get the error ?

    An error has occurred with your database. Please contact vBulletin Support for assistance.

    Module: install, Step 3 Database Error:1709

    Index column size too large. The maximum column size is 767 bytes.

    CREATE TABLE adminmessage ( adminmessageid INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, varname varchar(250) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', dismissable SMALLINT UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', script varchar(50) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', action varchar(20) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', execurl MEDIUMTEXT, method enum('get','post') NOT NULL DEFAULT 'post', dateline INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', status enum('undone','done','dismissed') NOT NULL default 'undone', statususerid INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', args MEDIUMTEXT, PRIMARY KEY (adminmessageid), KEY script_action (script, action), KEY varname (varname) ) ENGINE = InnoDB

    Script: install
    Step: 3
    Last edited by Veritashosting; Fri 11 May '18, 4:59am. Reason: SOLVED

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