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    I am getting this error while trying to install
    HTML Code:
    Module: install, Step 3 Database Error:1709
    Index column size too large. The maximum column size is 767 bytes.
    Query:  CREATE TABLE node ( 	nodeid INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY, 	routeid INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL, 	contenttypeid SMALLINT NOT NULL, 	publishdate INTEGER, 	unpublishdate INTEGER, 	userid INT UNSIGNED , 	groupid INT UNSIGNED, 	authorname VARCHAR(100), 	description VARCHAR(1024), 	title VARCHAR(512), 	htmltitle VARCHAR(512), 	parentid INTEGER NOT NULL, 	urlident VARCHAR(512), 	displayorder SMALLINT, 	starter INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', 	created INT, 	lastcontent INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', 	lastcontentid INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', 	lastcontentauthor VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', 	lastauthorid INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', 	lastprefixid VARCHAR(25) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', 	textcount mediumint UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', 	textunpubcount mediumint UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', 	totalcount mediumint UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', 	totalunpubcount mediumint UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', 	ipaddress CHAR(15) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', 	showpublished SMALLINT UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', 	oldid INT UNSIGNED, 	oldcontenttypeid INT UNSIGNED, 	nextupdate INTEGER, 	lastupdate INTEGER, 	featured SMALLINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, 	CRC32 VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', 	taglist MEDIUMTEXT, 	inlist SMALLINT UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '1', 	protected SMALLINT UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', 	setfor INTEGER NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, 	votes SMALLINT(5) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', 	hasphoto SMALLINT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', 	hasvideo SMALLINT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', 	deleteuserid  INT UNSIGNED, 	deletereason VARCHAR(125), 	open SMALLINT NOT NULL DEFAULT '1', 	showopen SMALLINT NOT NULL DEFAULT '1', 	sticky TINYINT(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', 	approved TINYINT(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1', 	showapproved TINYINT(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1', 	viewperms TINYINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 2, 	commentperms TINYINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 1, 	nodeoptions INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT 138, 	prefixid VARCHAR(25) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', 	iconid SMALLINT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', 	public_preview SMALLINT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', 	INDEX node_lastauthorid(lastauthorid), 	INDEX node_lastcontent(lastcontent), 	INDEX node_textcount(textcount), 	INDEX node_ip(ipaddress), 	INDEX node_pubdate(publishdate, nodeid), 	INDEX node_unpubdate(unpublishdate), 	INDEX node_parent(parentid), 	INDEX node_nextupdate(nextupdate), 	INDEX node_lastupdate(lastupdate), 	INDEX node_user(userid), 	INDEX node_oldinfo(oldcontenttypeid, oldid), 	INDEX node_urlident(urlident), 	INDEX node_sticky(sticky), 	INDEX node_starter(starter), 	INDEX node_approved(approved), 	INDEX node_ppreview(public_preview), 	INDEX node_showapproved(showapproved), 	INDEX node_ctypid_userid_dispo_idx(contenttypeid, userid, displayorder), 	INDEX node_setfor_pubdt_idx(setfor, publishdate), 	INDEX prefixid (prefixid, nodeid), 	INDEX nodeid (nodeid, contenttypeid), 	INDEX contenttypeid_parentid (contenttypeid, parentid), 	INDEX node_featured(featured), 	INDEX node_inlist(inlist), 	INDEX created(created), 	INDEX totalcount(totalcount), 	INDEX showpublished(showpublished) 	) ENGINE = InnoDB  
    Running vBulletin 5 on Google Cloud Platform

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