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vBulletin 4.2.5 to 5.4.1 - AdminCP 404 Error After Upgrade

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  • vBulletin 4.2.5 to 5.4.1 - AdminCP 404 Error After Upgrade

    I've just completed a pretty painless vBulletin "test upgrade" from 4.2.5 to 5.4.1. Made a copy of the live database into a new database, uploaded vB5 files into a empty directory on my server, ran the upgrade script and deleted the 'install' directory. Upon completion, when I click to go to AdminCP, it brings me to:

    but it just shows an index of /my-test-forum-directory/admincp/

    so I tried browsing to:

    instead and this brings up the AdminCP just fine but when I input my login credentials it gives me a '404 Page Not Found' error. Please help?

    Can an admin please update the installion information 'vb5readme.html' contained in the vBulletin download package to reference the /core/ folder. For example: in the install/upgrade instructions it says to browse to when in reality the proper location is

    Finally, if Trevor Hannant can create a new version of his guide 'Creating A Test Site' for vB5 that would be appreciated!

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    Make sure you have renamed htaccess.txt (in the forum root) to .htaccess.

    Note the 'dot' at the beginning.

    You must also make sure there are NO vBulletin 4 files remaining on the server (except attachments etc), and also (if it is a test installation) that the URL settings in the admincp were updated to the test location before the upgrade.

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      Hi Mark,

      - I did rename htaccess to remove the .txt

      - I also created a testing directory on the server which was empty prior to uploading the contents of the vB5 'upload' folder.

      - The only setting I changed in vB 4 AdminCP (live site) before the database backup and upgrade was under AdminCP > Site Name / URL / Contact Details > Forum URL was from to


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        Hi Again Mark lol,

        so I did rename htaccess to remove the .txt but I did not put a . at the begginig! Oops!

        It should be .htaccess

        Can this be made a bit more clear in the vb5readme.html? Thanks for the help Mark, I appreciate it!
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