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any mods like vBadvanced CMPS for Vbulletin5?

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  • any mods like vBadvanced CMPS for Vbulletin5?

    I really enjoyed Vbadvanced CMPS for all of my forums. I see now that I am using VB5 it will not work with it. Is there any other companies offering anything close to it? I really liked having a landing page like that when you first come to my forum. Any help or ideas appreciated.


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    This isn't necessary in vBulletin 5. You can build your own custom pages and add modules to them using Site Builder (Edit Site at the top left)

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      Hi Mark,

      Thank you for the reply. I am just figuring the site builder out. I have a very basic question but can't find the answer to. I am wanting to add a logo to my new site builder page but don't know what module I should for the logo. Also what code to put in there to make it show?

      Thank you for your time and consideration


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        The logo is site can't be set on a per page basis.

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          You can change the logo by clicking on the "Header" link in the Site Builder menu.
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            I am sorry I didn't write that clear enough. I want to create a CMS page with a module in the middle of the page that holds my logo. I do not know what module to pic to be able to do this nor the code to use to get the logo to appear in said module. i hope that makes more sense. Thank you for your help and quick replies


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