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After converting to 5.x, each blog is a node!

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  • After converting to 5.x, each blog is a node!


    We just finished converting a large forum to VB5 and now I see thousands of blog nodes. I guess its the per-design behavior, but is there a work around? I have thousands of blogs and each time I am going to manage a forum channel, I am pulling my hair (whatever is left of it).

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    if the only problem is managing channels on admincp .. you may modify the query to exclude blog nodes .


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      on file core\admincp\forum.php trye changing line 523
      PHP Code:
      $channels vB_Api::instanceInternal('search')->getChannels(false, array('include_protected' => 0)); 
      PHP Code:
      $channels vB_Api::instanceInternal('search')->getChannels(false, array('include_protected' => 0),false ,2); 
      This will show you Forum node and its children only


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        thank you Kamal. I will try that. I was hoping there was a way to eliminate the nodes. Just create two or three nodes like Personal Blogs, News Blogs, etc and have all of the existing blogs move under there. But I guess the gods have decided otherwise. Not sure if this was an oversight or functional upgrade.


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          Everything is a node in vBulletin 5... Channels which includes Forums, Blogs, Groups, and Article Sections are nodes. Content which includes topics, discussions, blog entries, and articles are also nodes. There is no way to change this without reprogramming the underlying system.

          Blogs cannot have categories such as "Personal Blogs" etc... Instead of changing the code, you can change how the Channel Manager works under Settings -> Options -> Admin Control Panel Options. Set it to Collapsible and Blogs won't be shown unless you expand that group.
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