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Upgrade problems language does not exist

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  • Upgrade problems language does not exist


    it's been 24 hours now, since I started to create an test environment for my 4.2.3 board to prepare it for upgrading to 5.3.4.

    I am experiencing one problem after another. The current one:

    PHP Code:
    Error :The requested language does not existreset via tools.phpon line 788 in /homexxxx/web/testvb/core/vb/session.php 
    This happened after I imported the dump from my 4.2.3 database into the new empty database I have created for the 5.3.4. system.

    If I try to reset the language via tools.php it has no effect but saying language "unknown" instead of "German".

    Any ideas? Thanks!
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    Update: When I rerun the core/install/upgrade.php I get until step 142 and it ends in a fatal error.

    PHP Code:
    Error No permissions on node id 65 on /home/web/testvb/core/vb5/route/channel.php 23

    Any ideas on that? Thanks!
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      You need to make sure the Admin with the lowest user id is specified as a super admin in /core/includes/config.php.
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      Wayne Luke
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        Thanks Wayne!

        Fun fact: I cannot find any admin user in the table "user". Not with the username nor with the userid? Any idea how that could happen?

        Thanks in advance!

        EDIT: Forget that, phpmyadmin is just crap. I did not find it using the search function but the user is there if you go through the pages.
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          Now the Upgrade worked until 42%, it got stuck for an hour. So i refreshed the page. It started from the beginning and stopped with a fatal error.

          PHP Code:
          500a28 Step #7 Fatal Error Occurred

          Duplicate entry '495092-119-40' for key 'PRIMARY' on /home/web/testvb/core/vb/db/query/stored.php 125


          Any idea on this? I am so tired ....

          EDIT: I deleted the whole database and started all over again.

          Now I am at the same position as before. 42% but no progress for 30 minutes now. "Query Status" button is appearing and a click on it says "No processes found".

          PHP Code:
             Updating text nodes.  
          StatusProcessing 5.0.0 Release Candidate 1Step 17 of 21 
          I am afraid to refresh the page, because I am quite sure that it will end in the fatal error like mentioned before.

          EDIT 2: I did refresh the page and it did not start from the beginning like before. It started where I stopped and it was successfull now.
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            Hello, This problem come because you have try to upgrade too many times. Is good to drop all database and restore old versin 4 after this you need to active all vbulletin product CMS, Block etc.. if you have diferent language is good to change to English and start upgrade. Try to upgrade from SSH


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