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  • Upgrade serious issue

    Hi all
    I can't quite believe this one.
    As you know I have upgraded a test 4.2.5 forum to the latest vb5.3.1 and have been working through the various issues with the help of vb staff here.

    I was pretty happy until tonight when I realised that all sections of my forum can be read by anyone who is not even logged in.
    Pretty much every section of the forum should be hidden and is viewable to subscribers only.
    I have a visitor section and one other section that should be able to be viewed by visitors/not logged in.

    This is a total disaster, my forum contains highly sensitive information (electronics) nothing dodgy!

    How could this happen????

    Do I now have to check every level of subscription to make sure these subscribers can only see what they are supposed to.
    That will take hours of work.

    Looking at the unregistered/not logged in permissions I see mostly all No's in the tick boxes however under a heading called;
    Create Permissions
    Can create text/post YES
    Can create report YES
    Can create poll YES
    Can create attachment YES
    Can create video YES
    Can create link YES
    Can create event YES

    Forum Viewing Permissions
    Can View Channels YES
    Can Download Image Attachments YES

    I have 10 levels of member, each with similar but different permissions.
    If this issue is throughout all the user groups it will be the end of any upgrade to the live forum and we will be forced to stick to vb4.2.5

    I can't believe that my forums entire content would have been available to anyone and I could easily have missed that but was looking to see if the registration form appeared correctly.

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    I have also looked at Channel Permissions for the unregistered/not logged in and in the heading channel permissions of a subscribers only and hidden forum, the permissions are all wrong.
    The unregistered can view channels, view content, can view other topics, can post, can edit own posts.

    This is absolutely not how this is setup on the live forum.

    So is that game over then???????

    I have hundreds of sub forums for various manufacturers. I can't possibly check and correct them all, it tooks months of work 7 years ago to achieve this.


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      In AdminCP > Channel Management > Channel Permissions, edit the Unregistered usergroup for the root 'Forum' channel and disable the desired permissions. The changes should cascade down to all the forums and subforums as the default permissions inherit from parent unless you changed it. Then for the specific forum you want to be available for guests, edit its permissions from "inherit from parent" to "use custom permissions" and then enable the desired permissions.

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        Hmmm. So can I ask you why importing the permissions correctly whilst upgrading has not been done correctly. That seems to be a pretty fundamental requirement of any upgrade.
        I do not have the the time or inclination to now check every group and every forums permissions so I can continue with vb5.
        When I set this up 7 years ago I used the customised permissions extensively. I will have to check further tomorrow but I have to say that I am shocked that this can even happen.
        Where is the warning that this could even remotely be possible? What if I had gone live and had no clue?

        What else can the upgrade mess up????

        Right now I feel I have just gone back 7 years and might as well be starting from scratch.
        This is not what I expected after buying two vb5 upgrades.............


        • glennrocksvb
          glennrocksvb commented
          Editing a comment
          I have no idea why permissions are not imported properly during the upgrade process. The staff I guess can ask the devs.

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        Channel permissions should carry over.
        Access masks won't as they don't exist in vB5.

        If the channel permissions didn't carry over, either the upgrade went wrong somewhere, or there's a bug been introduced.

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