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Blank Screen after upgrade from 4.2.4 to 5.2.6.

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  • Blank Screen after upgrade from 4.2.4 to 5.2.6.

    Decided to upgrade my VB4 forum to VB5, uploaded files to upgrade script worked beautifully and then after deleting Install folder in the Core directory...

    Clicked on login to AdminCP and the screen simply went white; no error message, nothing.

    I am not sure what I did wrong. .htaccess file is in place and config.php files were properly edited as far as I know.

    The only way I can view the admincp login page is to manually make the browser open to '/forums/core/admincp' but after typing in my username and password, it redirects me back to a non-existent location as if the install was suppose to have sorted the files which it didn't.

    Any advice on this issue?

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    Please see this entry in our Blogs on how to enable Debug Mode within vB5:

    Please let us know if there is an additional information show after doing this.
    Translations provided by Google.

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      The only thing added to the admincp login page was the following:

      SQL Queries (17) | $RCSfile$ - $Revision: 92244 $ | Explain
      Memory Usage: 6,337 KiB

      The Explain link simply goes to a white page, same as the rest of the site.


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        Make sure you have no old vBulletin 4 files on the server.

        Make sure you have renamed htaccess.xt to .htaccess (note the fot at the start of the name).

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          All .htaccess files have the dot at the beginning and all old VB4 files in both the live forum as well as the test forum are no longer on the server. Still getting the white screen of nothing. There were no apparent changes at all. I am not understanding this turn of events. I must have edited one of the config files incorrectly but I double-checked each entry compared to the server data that was provided to me. I am considering vbCloud at this point.
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            This is an update:

            Decided to try a reinstall with fresh files from the 5.3.0 release and now the board is completely back. I am currently running maintenance to clean up final rebuilds and so forth. I am not sure why the 5.2.6 installation did a whiteout on me. Thanks for the advice given. Best lesson learned: Let the installation edit and create the config files. Otherwise, you will end up with this problem.



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