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  • Need some help :(

    Hi im new to Vbulletin and everything seems so.. advanced Just when i thought everything was complicated and i was getting the hang out things it got more complicated. First my forum wont use the domain i gave it but the domain works the only domain that shows after refreshing the page is the one that was given to me after buying the VBulletin forum yesterday. < this is the link i need to pop up on every page but its gives me the domain on everypage.

    i dont see anything wrong with the way i set up the first time

    I also tried searching up videos on youtube to help me in the control panel but all the vids are out dated and i feel like im on my own alot of things that i want to edit i cant find a option to change it and when i do all the options are spreaded out into multiple categories when everything regarding that small area should be in one click.

    so im going to need help with more then just the url of the page lol >,<

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    Oh okay so i think i found the problem with my URL firefox told me i didnt set it up correctly, My Custom DNS records are set properly but the Whois Name servers still point back to Dreamhost where i host my Domain name for my forum, In other words i need the name servers that Vbulletin uses for the whois nameserver slots


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      Maybe thats not the issue, I have a cloud site and email says i need to activate my custom domain, how do i do that? :/

      the email didnt give me Any hints whatsoever. but it did tell me i can do it in my "cloud account" no idea what that means im guessing the admin control panel?? xD

      EDIT: WOOO i am knocking down problems left and right!! i figured out my Domain issue! now i need help with other areas of my forum

      you guys know the area where it displays pics next to the category to see if new posts or no one posted there? how do i change the image to something else? im using version 5.x
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        Custom domains require a CNAME record to be set, sounds ike you've sorted that though.

        Chnaging the image to something else is not too straightforrward, but it can be done.
        You first need to upload the chosen images (there will be several) using the Cloud image uploader in the admincp.

        Then this custom css should help.

        On Cloud forums you would add the css using Site Builder > Style > CSS Editor

        TalkNewsUK - My vBulletin 5.6.4 Demo
        AdminAmmo - My Cloud Demo


        • Nintenex
          Nintenex commented
          Editing a comment
          I added the css and uploaded my images but the tutoral didnt tell you how to add them to the template, do you know how?

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        Am i suppose to change the images within the css code? please let me know
        Last edited by Nintenex; Sun 9 Oct '16, 1:16pm.


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          Yes you need to change the image url in the css:
          background: transparent url("http://www.path/to/your/oldposticon.png") no-repeat; /* forum icon for forums with old posts */

          GIPHY for vB5 AutoLinker Auto-Create Flag Report Topic Social Icons in Postbit Clear Cache Cron DragDrop Upload Topic AJAX AutoUpdate Custom Avatars Selector Stop Links in Posts...and more!


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            Okay they arent big but they are cutting into the words of the category how can i move the image over to the left side?
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