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URL Redirect issues on VB4 to Vb5 Conversion (help)

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  • URL Redirect issues on VB4 to Vb5 Conversion (help)

    I've spent hours trying to figure out, but appears to be above my paygrade

    I did the Upgrade by downloading files in clean directory, running upgrade script, deleting /core/install directory, renaming config.php.bak in forum root, and updating config.php in /core/includes

    but I appear to be missing something as

    1. won't direct me to my admincp
    2. won't do index.php
    3. appears to have mo style and forum and thread links stick an extra /forum/ in URL

    I'm sure I'm missing something very simple, but I'm not seeing it

    Please Help???

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    I named .htaccess.txt to drop the txt and it made things worse

    Now I get an "Internal Server Error" message so I'm renaming back to .txt

    I had a WordPress site in the Root of the domain, and I temporarily deactivated to see if that would help, but it did not so reactivated

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      cPanel Version 58.0 (build 19)
      Theme x3
      Apache Version 2.4.23
      PHP Version 5.4.45
      MySQL Version 5.6.30-cll-lve
      Architecture x86_64
      Operating System linux


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        Make sure the filename is .htaccess (no file extension and starts with dot)

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          I did that and the site wouldn't even show up. I'll try again.


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            Ok, I did it again ans it appears to be working. It might have been I'd beaten up all of my server resources (shared hosting) the last time I'd tried.

            Thanks, let me play with it a bit


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              Does VB5 use a lot more resources than VB4?

              My board doesn't have a lot of activity and yet I'm maxing out server resources.
              CPU Usage 0 / 100%
              Physical Memory Usage 480.7 / 512 MB
              Entry Processes 34 / 100
              Number of Processes 34 / 100
              I/O Usage 1024 / 1024 KB/s
              IOPS 32 / 1024
              Disk Space Usage 10.55 GB / ∞
              File Usage 19,013 / 250,000
              Monthly Bandwidth Transfer 7.61 GB / ∞
              I even disabled WordPress to make it wasn't that.


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                vB 5 generally uses more resources yes, it is a more complex product.
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