vBulletin 4.2.4 Beta 1 upgrade to 5.2.0

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  • cptbogo
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    • Dec 2007
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    vBulletin 4.2.4 Beta 1 upgrade to 5.2.0

    I am having a problem upgrading my website to 5.2.0 -- I am wondering if someone could help. I was able to upgrade Yesterday to 4.2.4 Beta 1 without any issues. That also resolved a couple of errors I was getting multiple errors before getting far into the install. Now I am only getting 2 so far.

    Duplicate entry '55904' for key 'PRIMARY' on /home/fevergam/public_html/forums/core/vb/db/query/stored.php : 124

    Script: 500a28
    Step: 7

    So I repaired the database, tried on 4 different databases -- so I'm not thinking its a corruption issue with the copied database. Removed the 55904 key, Removed all primary keys, added primary keys back. Double checked there weren't any duplicate keys named in the PM table 55904. Also emptied them pmtext table, just to make sure. Still got the error for duplicate entry. So I emptied the PM table (just to continue on after exhausting all known options). After that everything seemed to go smoothly until I got another error.


    An error has occurred with your database. Please contact vBulletin Support for assistance.

    Module: 515a2, Step 1 Database Error:-1

    Duplicate entry 'vbulletin-4ecbdf567f3a38.99555304' for key 'guid'


    ### vBulletin Database Alter ###
    ALTER TABLE channel
    ADD UNIQUE INDEX guid (guid)

    Script: 515a2
    Step: 1

    I am seriously thinking we should just move to XenForo, but I will post here and give it one last try.
  • cptbogo
    New Member
    • Dec 2007
    • 9


    Not a good sign when the vBulletin forums don't even work correctly. lol


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