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5.2.0 pl1 still having style issues?

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  • 5.2.0 pl1 still having style issues? still hoping someone will comment on my last 2 issues, theres still a line of other ones behind that too so heres another i hope one will comment... that 5.2.0 upgrade was a rough one for us especially regarding the style issues...for my site some css will simply not load beyond the main page(especially regarding "default style" which i see has been removed from completely)

    all the themes work fine(besides the album issue mentioned in other topic) custom style was finally upgraded and works fine now....but im curious of this issue and what and where it actually is?? the issue persists if i ever try to use "default style" but it also is breaking a footer chat script i just purchased...even on the theme/default theme skins...main page and chat works fine, but load any topics, messages or anything and it all breaks..

    here is another shot of the error of css that idk why isnt loading since 5.2.0
    i know you can see that chat script loading on these shots, but its the same difference with or without it on "styles"....."themes" the chat will break tho, which im getting horrible support there as well so i could use some help,
    thanks iggy
    Click image for larger version

Name:	csss.jpg
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ID:	4338094

    hmm...perhaps could have to do with this styleid=1? why is it calling like that? bit out of my depth haha im trying tho
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    just to bump this...i think it seem like some connection to the album issue in themes i linked, which something to do with header/footer or something?? idk im confuse


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