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  • from 3 to vb5

    I will upgrade my site from vb3 to vb5.
    i downloaded and extraced files of vb5 to my computer. i already have the link to installation instructions. but i couldnt see answers to my following questions

    1-do i delete ALL files of my vb3 now? and then install everything from the upload folder? but if i do it what happens to the previous picture files?

    2-what do i do with the "do not upload" folder. i do not upload? if i do not upload them what are they for?

    3-my forum was under (mysitename)/forums.. so i rename the upload folder to forums?

    4-and i remember from previous upgrades that i was renaming something or deleting a file etc... what are they?

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    1- you wont be able to restore if there are issues upgrading if you do that...i think what u want to do make a full site backup then proceed as an upgrade.

    2. you only use those in case of certain issues to fix your site.

    3. yes

    4. delete the install directory after upgrading


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