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Upgrade error when upgrading from 4.2.2 to 5.1.9

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  • Upgrade error when upgrading from 4.2.2 to 5.1.9

    The upgrade process (using the web version of the upgrader) has gotten stuck with the following error:
    Error No permissions on node id 28 on /[path_to_document_root]/core/vb5/route/channel .php : 23
    Please help if you can, as the upgrade won't get past this error, even if I retry. Thank you.

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    And here is the source code for that exact line (at the bottom of the following code snippet), in channel.php:

    PHP Code:
    class vB5_Route_Channel extends vB5_Route
        public function 
    __construct($routeInfo$matches$queryString ''$anchor '')

            if (isset(
                if (! 
                    throw new 


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      I just checked and there isn't a node with nodeid == 28... I guess that's the problem. I'll look into this further. My apologies. I had originally checked for the node, but incorrectly typed nodeid = 23, rather than 28, which is why I got confused. Still, if anyone has any guesses as to how a node is no longer there or why the upgrade thinks it is, please advise.


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        Another update on this. I've checked the 4.2.2 database and search across all tables that have a "nodeid" column with a value of 28 and none could be found. So I'm not sure what this "id" is that it refers to. Also, and maybe this is more important information, each time I retry the upgrade process, that "id" increments by 1. I've tried it many times since the first attempt and it is now up to 40. Any help is appreciated by a VB Admin who may know what is going on. Thanks.

        Oh and the current upgrade progress step that it keeps failing on is "5.0.0 Alpha 1, Step 142 of 166"


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          UPDATE: It turns out that this line was failing for some reason, even though the current user context (user session) is an Administrator user:
          PHP Code:
          if (! vB::getUserContext()->getChannelPermission('forumpermissions''canview'$this->arguments['channelid'])) 
          To get around the issue, I found out which Administrator user record the upgrade process was instantiating a session for and set the superuser setting in ..../core/includes/config.php to be the same userid (instead of it's default setting of "1"). After doing this, the upgrade procedure continued.

          Hopefully this helps someone else running into this obscure issue.


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