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Can we get an updated How to Install vBulletin 5 thread

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  • Can we get an updated How to Install vBulletin 5 thread

    The last updated was in 2012. Things have change since then. Like renaming Rename /vb5/config.php.bkp to config.php. I go into upload folder and there isn't a file named config.php.bkp There is a file config.php that is a BKP file but it isn't config.php.bkp.
    Also we no longer have a Presentation file for config.php.

    We now have where you fill in things that go into the Core config.php when doing upgrade script. So do we go into Core directory Includes Direcctory and edit the config.php before this comes up or do we wait and add things then?

    I ask these question because I come up with some klind of error each time I have tried to update over the last few weeks from 5.8.9 to 5.9 beta, RC and now I'm ready to upload update to 5.9. I don't want another error. I've deleted and made a new database and deleted the directory and ready to update to 5.9.

    I'm final ready to use my vB5 license after a couple of years. And would like it to go smoothly without error.

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    I just did the update today from 5.1.7 to 5.1.9.

    First, I took the site offline in the admin panel.

    After tarring up the {dir}/{vb_root} and backing up the db, I 'sudo cp -fR {dir}/upload/* {dir}/{vb_root}' as directed.

    I checked the includes/config.php and it had not been written over, and the data for connect was still correct.

    I then executed http://{domain}/core/install/upgrade.php

    It took over an hour and my leased server is damn speedy with 64GB of RAM.

    I'm fairly impressed at the problem-less upgrade considering the press on these forums.

    Thank vBulletin staff!


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