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  • hi forum upgraded to latest version

    hi all i addded the google add sence id in the support section and then downloaded the forum from there i was told by support then the goggle addsence would be in the back end as adverting or google addsence tab and i could place adds as i wish but i cannot see this option can anyone help there is some options i seen on Internet where you can manually enter code for adds and place on forum but dont want this want option in back end where it give you option to place adds in position that are allocated and built into vbulletin can anyone advice please or maybe its the developer they just got it of the internet instead of support page where he should of hence why option isnt showing any help would be appreciated

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    The integrated Adsense feature in the member area is now obsolete, and was never built for vB5 anyhow.

    In vB5 you would use advertising modules, or static html modules,musing Site Builder.

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      oh ok thanks i was under impression it was as added my addsence id in the members area though it came up then but thanks saved me going on wild goose chase like i have for few days ill loo at this and then get back any questions how to add


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