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    I've downloaded vBulletin 5 - unzipped it - and uploaded all the contents of UPLOAD to my forum root directory. I've amended the config files and made sure none of the version 3 files are left in that directory.

    Instructions say go to vbulletin_root and install/upgrade.php e.g. where my forum board is
    However the upgrade.php is in this directory

    When I run that I get the following error:-
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysqli_report() in /home/wwwleisu/public_html/help/core/vb/database/mysqli.php on line 249

    What am I doing wrong?
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    It sounds like you installed the forums into a /help directory, not into the root. If so, you will need to change this line in your .htaccess file:

    #RewriteBase /

    to this line:

    RewriteBase /help/

    Also, what version of PHP is on the server? And is myslqi and available option on your server (you may want to try just "mysql" instead)?

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