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Empty Response - After paid upgrade from VB4 to VB5

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  • Empty Response - After paid upgrade from VB4 to VB5

    We've (last week) had a paid upgrade done from VB4 to VB5 and due to lack of a support response in days, i've had to ask for help here as it's causing issues on the site.

    When you post you get "Empty Response" dialog box pop up, but the post is still made.

    We running VB 5.1.7
    Web Server Apache v2.2.29 (cgi-fcgi)
    PHP 5.6.9
    PHP Max Post Size 8.00 MB
    PHP Maximum Upload Size 2.00 MB
    PHP Memory Limit 128.00 MB
    MySQL Version 5.5.42-cll
    MySQL Packet Size 256.00 MB

    Any advice or ideas welcome

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    5.1.7 seems to be broke -- I can't use it either. Might want to try falling back to an older version.


    • jdj
      jdj commented
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      Not sure how broke it is. I'm using 5.1.7 and whilst it's not totally without problems the basics seem to work.

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    Temporarily turn on debug mode and try it again and look into the JS debug tool (F12) to see the actual error. Here's the instruction on how to enable debug mode.

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      Are you using Sphinx for your search engine? If so, you need to rebuild your search index as specified in the release announcement here:
      Translations provided by Google.

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        Not using Sphinx.. going to look at debug mode.


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          In fairness, i'm going to wait for VB support to look at the ticket. It was painful enough getting the site running again with VB5.

          First one: (Ticketid: 1414242) - Second one (Ticketid: 1416443)


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            Come on VB, can we have some action with the support tickets please..


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