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Upgrade from 3.8.7 to 5.1

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  • Upgrade from 3.8.7 to 5.1

    Trying to figure out the best course of action for us. We are currently running 3.8.7 and have purchased version 5, however we also are going to be upgrading everything regarding the forums, new servers, new database, new subdomain. What is the best course of action to get this updated??

    In theory I would like to install 5 fresh on the new server and transfer the posts/threads, we have our own user database that we will be integrating with so transferring users isn't really necessary. However im thinking this wont work since there is no impex for version 5 yet. Will I need to first install 3.8.7 on the new server and push the db to the new server and then make the upgrade to 5? We have so many modifications that we really dont want to transfer over any longer and just want to start fresh with everything except the user data (posts/threads etc...).

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Migrate 3.8.7 to the new server, uninstall the mods/plugins, make sure everything is working, then upgrade to 5.

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      Be really careful. Old modifications, old plugins and old templates won't work on vb5. You need to uninstall all of them before thinking of migration.
      If you still need a particular modification, plugin or template you need to test thoroughly before the upgrade.

      Posts / threads will be normally upgraded with no harm.


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        Thanks for the help guys, will be attempting this today, will report back what I learned for future people in the same boat.


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