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No Install Directory in Fresh vB 5 download

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  • glennrocksvb
    The instructions are correct. The URL structure is slightly different than the file system structure. You don't have to specify core in the URL because because there is a Rewrite rule in htaccess to redirect /install to /core/install

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  • scottct1
    Thanks Glenn!

    They should really change the instructions that come in the zip file to say this, as of right now it says...
    Running the Install Wizard

    1. After uploading the files to your chosen location on your server, open your web browser and enter in the address followed by your vbulletin_root and install/install.php.
    2. Since this is your first time installing, the system should automatically redirect you to the Installation Wizard.
    3. The first screen of the Wizard will ask for your Customer ID to authorize you. Enter this and click "Begin Install"
    4. The Configuration Builder will create the necessary config.php files for you. Fill in the values for:
      • Cookie Prefix - Use the default of bb
      • Database Type - vBulletin support mysql and mysqli. mysqli is preferred.
      • Database Name - The name used when you created the database on the server.
      • Table Prefix - Unless you have other applications installed in the same database, it is best to leave this blank.
      • Technical Email - Your email address
      • Database Server Name - This will be provided by your hosting provider. Most use localhost.
      • Database Port # - Use the default port of 3306 unless directed otherwise by your hosting provider
      • Database Username - The username specified when you created your database. If you don't know this, contact your hosting provider.
      • Database Password - The password specified when you created your database. If you don't know this, contact your hosting provider.
      • Admincp Directory - Should specify the default of admincp
      • ModCP Directory - Should specify the default of modcp
    5. Click "Create Files"
    6. The system should create your config.php files for you and present a message of "File Creation Complete".
    7. If the system was unable to create your config.php files, please see 'Manually editing the config.php files'.
    8. Return to your install location:
    9. Click "Begin Install".
    10. Follow the instructions on the screen. You should encounter two dialog boxes:
      • The first will ask for the name of your forums, paths of the forums and webmaster email address.
      • The second will ask for information to create your first Administrator user.

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  • glennrocksvb
    The install directory in under core directory.


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  • scottct1
    Here is what is in my zip file. How do I install this with no install directory?

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  • scottct1
    started a topic No Install Directory in Fresh vB 5 download

    No Install Directory in Fresh vB 5 download

    I am trying to download a fresh install of vb 5 from I have tried using the default options and have also gone in and tried more download options and selecting Entire Package, however my file that is downloaded contains everything except from the install directory in the upload folder.

    On things in the upload directory are...

    Again how do I install this if I am not getting the install directory as directed by the vb5readme file?

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