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Errors after upgrade. Starting with avatars

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  • Errors after upgrade. Starting with avatars

    Wups I didn't mean to delete this post.
    I completed the upgrade, and i'm getting a plethora of errors in my logs, so i need to start with one of them.

    the avatars, I cannot seem to get the forum to register the avatar change. the fwrite function is working and it creates the avatar and the thumbnail, but it remains left to the default avatar when viewing the user, or his posts.

    I'm not sure where to go because this isn't generating an error. initially it was when the path was incorrect but I resolved that.
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    I did more research into this and I'm at a loss, for one thing the radio group to select files stored on the server or th db doesn't appear correct. it ALWAYS shows db stored, even when that's not the case,

    I also had the custom upload directories in the root of the site which shouldn't matter since you set the paths in the admin panel, but to verify i was doing it correctly I moved them to the /core/customavatars etc etc. then rebuilt all the avstars, custom avatars and thumbnails. I KNOW uploading the files works, but it is not linking that file to the user, it permanently locks on the default avatar for everyone.. But i checked, and watched it write the file to the directory we specified. I know the fwrite is working, but there is a relationship somewhere that's broken between the users and the avatars.

    I need to get this fixed so i can address the other mountain of issues, but need to do one at a time.

    I am severelyl disapointed in the lack of support i've gotten aft er paying you over five hundred dollars though, 48 hours plus on the last response to my ticket? thank God I figured out the problem, at least part of it. but i still have a mountain of things broken, and log files so jammed with errors I had to turn logging off till I can address them


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      I am at a loss for words over this debacle. i can no longer get anyone to even respond to tickets, even the one that supposedly I was getting help with. I've exhausted everything feasible on this migration and have decided it's not possible to successfully migrate my forum with any confidence in the platform.


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