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  • 404 error on login

    I am getting a 404 not found in the box that pops up for the login when clicking the "Login" link. Im assuming this is cause of the funky install I am doing right now.

    I can view my forum, but cannot login. I have installed a fresh install of vbulletin 5 connect on my server in its own directory. Currently I am accessing it by IP address. Once I have the forum up and running and imported from a merge I will point the domain to this directory on my server.

    Any suggestions on how I could go about this a little easier? I need to get my forum setup and customized before I launch it live. I had already successfully imported using Impex in a test environment on 4.2. So I have that already figured out.

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    Did you use the IP address in the config file and relelvant settings options rather than the domain? Also, have you uploaded the included .htaccess file to the installation root directory?
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      I may have left out that htaccess file. I will follow up after I check. I know vb5 is a little different install. I very well could have made a minor mistake.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Ok the htaccess file is there that was in the folder. I was tricking my self, when I was looking in mac finder it wasnt showing. But in FTP it was, and its installed. I am including a line to my test site, that is blank install at the moment. Any link outside of the main index page doesnt work. So Im assuming possibly something wrong with my config settings? i tried the admincp directly and it gives me the same error.

      Here is the url

      Accessing it via IP the directory on the server is called motonews as well as the directory that vbulletin is in, just to clear any confusion.
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        I had this happen once, but then never again... I didn't even have to change anything.


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          I don't know what to do. I have checked everything. Any other suggestions? I don't mind giving one of the admins access to poke around.


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            You can put in a ticket and include ftp login information as well as site login information and we can take a look at your settings for you.

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              Any news on this? I have had the exact same error since beta 22. On every installation. Haven't been able to test vb5 yet due to this error...
              I can't even access the admin panel. /admincp and login both result in the 404 error.


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                You really need to start your own thread, with your own information. This is normally caused by not having the htaccess uploaded.


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                  Ok sorry. Thought it was unnecessary to start a new thread when the problem is the same.


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                    Originally posted by Madsen1981 View Post
                    Ok sorry. Thought it was unnecessary to start a new thread when the problem is the same.
                    Gets confusing trying to support multiple people in the same thread. Plus even though the symptoms are the same, the cause may not be. That's really why we prefer one thread for one person for one issue.
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