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Upgrading to VB5 - 2 Questions please.

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  • Upgrading to VB5 - 2 Questions please.

    Good day all,

    Here are my questions :

    1) I own 3 licenses for VB, 2 are for VB4 and one is for VB5. I have shutdown 2 forums and only have 1 active but its running VB4, I want to transfer the VB5 License to it. Do I simply login in to my members area and update the info?

    2) Our VB4 forum that is active has had several attacks in the past months and I am worried that some information maybe corrupted, so I want to do the cleanliness install of VB5 as possible. I want to install VB5 on a new IP and just transfer the DB's nothing else.

    Can someone provide info on how to do this?

    Thank-you for the help.

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    1) Yes, Just edit the URLS the licenses are assigned to. You can also have to licenses assigned to the same URL.

    2) You'll need to copy the database and then upgrade to vB5. vBulletin 5 will do an import process on your content and move it to the new database format. Once upgraded and you're satisfied, you can delete the unused tables out of the database. Just open a support ticket and we can provide a list. You will not want to keep any of your vBulletin 4.X files. The file structure for vBulletin 5 is completely different.
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      Thank-you sir, I have opened a ticket.


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