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    Recently I bought vB5 to upgrade my vB3.8 forum. Went through this English only topic.. and I need a solution for my French users

    What I m goingto explain mayd help several Forum Owners that are going to install/upgrade to VB5 and need a different language..
    In my case, I needed a French Translation and either if this is 80% accurate due to Google Translation, I think this could be a good idea for any Forum Owner that doesn't want it to run it in English.

    To help you, and also automate my implementation (following the next vB5 Beta releases) I made this tool, that works for me.. and would be glad to update it if it fails for you.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	1212-pika-vbeasytranslator.png
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ID:	3725182
    Link to the .EXE file (created with .Net C#)

    All you have to do is insert the path of your vB XML language file, and it will sort it out.
    - The (1) will extract the English texts from the XML dump to a .lang.EN.txt
    - (2) is not automated yet, needs you to translate the file (use Google Online Translator Toolkit to translate the full extracted file) in the same format
    - Run the (3) Merge action to concatenate the translated text in the XML New Language file.

    Finally, (at least for France), the XML will look good. So far, I didn't imported mine on my test vB5 forum as I miss time but the structure should be perfect although if sometexts need to be reviewed

    The only thing (that is on my todolist) is that the XML headers may need to be adjusted to your language which is not that much a pain, and though you may have to review Google Translations

    Please, let me know how that helps, and should you see an improvement, let me know !

    In addition, shoudl this violate any rule on the forum, please feel free to delete my thread, or move it anywhere else.


    - - - Updated - - -

    Tip 1: click on the program name (close to the dev name) to send me an email !

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    XML files shouldn't be translated themselves.


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      And the French translation is already made and will be available when vBulletin 5 will be final.

      vBulletin QA - vBulletin Support French - Lead Project Tools developer

      Next release? Soon(tm)


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