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Missing 'vB' class after upgrade...

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  • Missing 'vB' class after upgrade...

    I'm lost at how to fix this issue: Fatal error: Class 'vB' not found in /nfs/c08/h04/mnt/124112/domains/ on line 129

    What am I missing?


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    Can we see the contents of the presentation config.php file? Also, what version are you trying to install?

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      Yes. Trying to install VB5 as an upgrade.

      Config as follows:

       //    ****** Base URLs ******    // The following settings all deal with the url of your forum.
          // If set incorrectly your site/software will not function correctly.
          // These urls should NOT include a trailing slash
          // This is the url and web path of your root vBulletin directory
      $config['baseurl'] = '';
      // This will only be used if you wish to require https logins
      // You will not need to change this setting most of the time.
      $config['baseurl_login'] = $config[''];
          // If you do wish to use https for login, uncomment this line
          // Then fill in your https url.
      //$config['baseurl_login'] = '';
          //    ****** System Paths ******
          // This setting allows you to change the name of the admin folder
      $config['admincpdir'] = 'admincp';
          //    ****** Cookie Settings ******
          // These are cookie related settings.
          // This Setting allows you to change the cookie prefix
      $config['cookie_prefix'] = 'bb';
      //    ****** Special Settings ******
      // These settings are only used in some circumstances
      // Please do not edit if you are not sure what they do.
      // You can ignore this setting for right now.
      $config['cookie_enabled'] = true;
      $config['report_all_php_errors'] = false;
      $config['no_template_notices'] = true;
      // This setting enables debug mode, it should NEVER be used on a live site
      $config['debug'] = false;
      // Assumes default location of core. 
      // These are the system paths and folders for your vBulletin files
      // This setting is for where your vbulletin core folder is
      $config['core_path'] = realpath(dirname(__FILE__)) . '/nfs/c08/h04/mnt/124112/domains/';
          // This is the url and web based path to your core directory
      $config['baseurl_core'] = $config['baseurl']  .  '';

      I followed the upgrade to the letter and everything in the "upgrading" process went well (no issues).

      Thanks for your help.


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        I answered this in the other thread. You have no protocol set for your baseurl, and have edited 3 lines that were constants, and should have been left alone.
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          I'll check it out Ace. Thanks!


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