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    I've installed vb a million times but can't seem to get vb5 working. Install worked fine but I'm either getting a blank page or this. I see there are two different config.php files, one where it always is in \includes. I'm confused.

    I have it installed in /forums. Do I hit the site from there or forums/core?

    Fatal error: Class 'vB' not found in /home/mbp/public_html/forums/includes/vb5/template.php on line 86

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    Did you read the installation instructions here - And did you read all the stickies at the top of that Installation forum prior to installing vB5? They cover the two config.php files that are needed and also talk about your /core path which is something you need to enter correctly.

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      Yes. It must be me, but I just can't seem to make it work. Like I said, I've installed vb 3 and 4 a ton of times with no issues. Sheeh!


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        I was having same problem and it was just a couple mis-steps in presentation php. Here is mine replaced with yoursite. See if it all matches other than home/path. You have to put your own path here but still I've added yoursite here also.
        // ****** Base URLs ******
        // The following settings all deal with the url of your forum.
        // If set incorrectly your site/software will not function correctly.
        // These urls should NOT include a trailing slash
        // This is the url and web path of your root vBulletin directory
        $config['baseurl'] = '';

        // This is the url and web based path to your core directory
        $config['baseurl_core'] = '';

        // This will only be used if you wish to require https logins

        // You will not need to change this setting most of the time.
        $config['baseurl_login'] = $config['baseurl'];

        // If you do wish to use https for login, uncomment this line
        // Then fill in your https url.
        //$config['baseurl_login'] = '';

        // ****** System Paths ******
        // These are the system paths and folders for your vBulletin files
        // This setting is for where your vbulletin core folder is
        $config['core_path'] = '/home/path/public_html/yoursite/core';


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          Thank you, that worked and I'm finally in. Except for one thing. The paths seem to be wrong. It's looking in /forums (my install directory) and I get a page not found on everything I click.

          - - - Updated - - -

          Cancel that. I think my fingers need to loose some weight. They are a bit "fat."


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