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  • Unexpected Text - Fatal error:


    When trying to running the install script.
    I get this.

    What to do?

    // Daniel

    Unexpected Text:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252"?>Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'invalid_query_parameters for fetchUserinfo' in /storage/content/13/149213/ trace:#0 /storage/content/13/149213/ vB_dB_Query_Method->execSQL()#1 /storage/content/13/149213/ vB_dB_Assertor->assertQuery('fetchUserinfo', Array)#2 /storage/content/13/149213/ vB_User::fetchUserinfo()#3 /storage/content/13/149213/ vB_XML_Builder->vB_XML_Builder('text/xml')#4 /storage/content/13/149213/ print_stop_message('xml_error_x_at_...', 'Mismatched tag', 4510)#5 /storage/content/13/149213/ in /storage/content/13/149213/ on line 170

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    You've uploaded the vBulletin 5 files into their own directory without trying to overwrite older versions?

    What version of PHP do you have installed?
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      I did upload all files in the public_html root.
      No files was in this folder.
      Just like when uploading the vB4 files.

      Running 5.4 of php.


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        Did you try to call /install with /install/install.php yet?
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          Yep, at 73% in to the installation I do get that error above.

          When I did this the second time, with new files and placing it in the
          root/vb5/* it did work.

          But not in the root/* folder.

          I want the system do run under the root. Is that not possible or it is just a bugg in the beta?
          I will try this again in the root.. see if it works.


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            I have my install running under root, without any problems at all so it's definitely possible.
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              Strange, it works now.
              Thank you anyway

              // Daniel


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