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Upgrading to 5.1.1 and questions regarding the vb_test.php

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  • Upgrading to 5.1.1 and questions regarding the vb_test.php

    I have been a little reluctant to upgrade based on the number of bugs I see, so I decided to clone my VM that's hosting my forum so I could test updating PHP, and run this upgrade since it's the first time I have done a Vbulletin upgrade (and lets just admit this is not the easiest software to setup!!)

    Anyway - I am hoping someone can give me some advice here or tell me it's OK to go a head and update or if I set something up wrong from the beginning.

    Here's what shows when I run this on my live forum - keep in mind I have the vb_test.php in the server's root web directory.

    So, noting that the PHP version needs to be updated for 5.1.1, I did that and installed the right packages, and here's what I am left with on my clone:

    Mysql FAIL link says:

    mysql Help
    vBulletin requires that the mysql username has create, select, update, insert, delete, alter and drop privledges, contact your host and ask them to adjust these privledges.
    On the previous page it shows the indivual permissions passing, and I check my SQL Permissions and I would think it's OK??

    (I did replace the names in this, just for the hell of it)

    mysql> show grants for 'USERNAME'@'localhost';
    | Grants for '[email protected]                                                                                   |
    | GRANT USAGE ON *.* TO 'USERNAME'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY PASSWORD '*90F80F5821F2E89934453535DD2BE8D6B356' |
    | GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON `FORUMNAME`.* TO 'USERNAME'@'localhost'                                                     |

    Anyone have an idea what's going on here or should I just say OK and go for it?


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    If you login to the MySQL console, what is the version it reports?


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      Server version: 5.1.69 Source distribution

      I ended up upgrading the test VM I have and it seemed to work fine so I was going to go ahead and do the main forum in the next few days.. interested to hear your thoughts though.

      Thanks -


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        Let us know if you run into any difficulties.

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