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Table not found issue updating to 5.1.1

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  • Table not found issue updating to 5.1.1


    I am experiencing a problem upgrading a forum to version 5.1.1. Last year I successfully upgraded from 3.8.7 to 5.0.4. Due to our existing live server only having PHP 5.2 we were unable to put the forum live. We now have a new server running PHP 5.5 that the forum will now go on to. When I tried to repeat the upgrade process from 3.8.7 again on the new server (with a latest copy of the existing live database) I found that vB5.0.4 was not compatible with PHP 5.5. So I downloaded vB5.1.1 from my member area and started the upgrade process and found that I didn't get the PHP version issues anymore. However further into the process I received the error message below:

    Upgrading to 5.0.0 Beta 9
    Step 2 - Table '*****.blog_text' doesn't exist

    This error did not occur when I previously upgraded from 3.8.7 to 5.0.4 and I have checked all previous versions of the forum database that we've used for this forum and have never seen this table before. Can somebody tell me the best way to resolve this? It did occur to me to just to a fresh vb5.1.1 new install into a different database and then just copy any tables that the update script can't find into the one I'm trying to upgrade but that seems a bit messy, and might not work.

    Also can you tell me if it is easy to import style/template changes made in version 5.0.4 into 5.1.1 as ideally I would like to avoid doing all of the changes again that I made when I upgraded previously.

    Many thanks

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    Is anybody able to help me on this?


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      If you were running vBulletin 5.0.4, why is it running a beta 9 step? It shouldn't be. It should pick up with the upgrade to 5.0.5.

      You'll need to open a support ticket so someone can look at your database directly.
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