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Installing VB 5 Connect from scratch. Manual?

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  • Installing VB 5 Connect from scratch. Manual?

    Hello, I am trying to install VB5 from scratch. I have windows server 2008 R2. Fresh install. VPS. I cannot find a single instruction or a single manual on how to install VB5 (and all needed additions) from the beginning. There are only manuals and instructions for people with already-prepared shared servers.
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    The installation instructions can be found in the vb5readme.html file located in your download package. They are also available in the online manual at There is also a really quick overview linked as a sticky in this forum.

    In order to install vBulletin 5, your server must meet the minimum requirements which include installing PHP and MYSQL along with a valid webserver. You can find their instructions on their respective pages. We do not provide support for PHP, MySQL or configuring your webserver. Any server administrator should be able to install and configure these tools without many problems.
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