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  • No response from server

    While trying to install vBulletin I get the "No response from server probably due to a timeout" error.

    The install progress looks like this:
    A bit long due to it having to remove all the database stuff after I retried a few times.
      Step 1 - Removing forumaccess table
      Removing forumad table
      Removing forumadcriteria table
      Removing forumadminhelp table
      Removing forumadministrator table
      Removing forumadminlog table
      Removing forumadminmessage table
      Removing forumadminutil table
      Removing forumannouncement table
      Removing forumannouncementread table
      Removing forumapiclient table
      Removing forumapilog table
      Removing forumattach table
      Removing forumattachmentcategory table
      Removing forumattachmentcategoryuser table
      Removing forumattachmentpermission table
      Removing forumattachmenttype table
      Removing forumattachmentviews table
      Removing forumautosavetext table
      Removing forumavatar table
      Removing forumbbcode table
      Removing forumbbcode_video table
      Removing forumbookmarksite table
      Removing forumcache table
      Removing forumcacheevent table
      Removing forumcalendar table
      Removing forumcalendarcustomfield table
      Removing forumcalendarmoderator table
      Removing forumcalendarpermission table
      Removing forumchannel table
      Removing forumchannelprefixset table
      Removing forumclosure table
      Removing forumcontentpriority table
      Removing forumcontenttype table
      Removing forumcpsession table
      Removing forumcron table
      Removing forumcronlog table
      Removing forumcustomavatar table
      Removing forumcustomprofile table
      Removing forumcustomprofilepic table
      Removing forumdatastore table
      Removing forumdeletionlog table
      Removing forumdiscussion table
      Removing forumdiscussionread table
      Removing forumeditlog table
      Removing forumevent table
      Removing forumexternalcache table
      Removing forumfaq table
      Removing forumfiledata table
      Removing forumfiledataresize table
      Removing forumforumpermission table
      Removing forumgallery table
      Removing forumgroupintopic table
      Removing forumholiday table
      Removing forumhook table
      Removing forumhumanverify table
      Removing forumhvanswer table
      Removing forumhvquestion table
      Removing forumicon table
      Removing forumimagecategory table
      Removing forumimagecategorypermission table
      Removing forumindexqueue table
      Removing foruminfraction table
      Removing foruminfractionban table
      Removing foruminfractiongroup table
      Removing foruminfractionlevel table
      Removing forumlanguage table
      Removing forumlink table
      Removing forummailqueue table
      Removing forummapiposthash table
      Removing forummessagefolder table
      Removing forummoderation table
      Removing forummoderator table
      Removing forummoderatorlog table
      Removing forumnode table
      Removing forumnodehash table
      Removing forumnoderead table
      Removing forumnodestatreplies table
      Removing forumnodestats table
      Removing forumnodeview table
      Removing forumnodevisits table
      Removing forumnodevote table
      Removing forumnotice table
      Removing forumnoticecriteria table
      Removing forumnoticedismissed table
      Removing forumpackage table
      Removing forumpage table
      Removing forumpagetemplate table
      Removing forumpasswordhistory table
      Removing forumpaymentapi table
      Removing forumpaymentinfo table
      Removing forumpaymenttransaction table
      Removing forumpermission table
      Removing forumphoto table
      Removing forumphrase table
      Removing forumphrasetype table
      Removing forumpicturecomment table
      Removing forumpicturecomment_hash table
      Removing forumpicturelegacy table
      Removing forumpodcast table
      Removing forumpodcastitem table
      Removing forumpoll table
      Removing forumpolloption table
      Removing forumpollvote table
      Removing forumpostedithistory table
      Removing forumprefix table
      Removing forumprefixpermission table
      Removing forumprefixset table
      Removing forumprivatemessage table
      Removing forumproduct table
      Removing forumproductcode table
      Removing forumproductdependency table
      Removing forumprofileblockprivacy table
      Removing forumprofilefield table
      Removing forumprofilefieldcategory table
      Removing forumprofilevisitor table
      Removing forumranks table
      Removing forumredirect table
      Removing forumreminder table
      Removing forumreport table
      Removing forumreputation table
      Removing forumreputationlevel table
      Removing forumroutenew table
      Removing forumrssfeed table
      Removing forumrsslog table
      Removing forumscreenlayout table
      Removing forumsearchlog table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_a table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_b table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_c table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_d table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_e table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_f table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_g table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_h table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_i table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_j table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_k table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_l table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_m table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_n table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_o table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_other table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_p table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_q table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_r table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_s table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_t table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_u table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_v table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_w table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_x table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_y table
      Removing forumsearchtowords_z table
      Removing forumsentto table
      Removing forumsession table
      Removing forumsetting table
      Removing forumsettinggroup table
      Removing forumsigparsed table
      Removing forumsigpic table
      Removing forumsigpicnew table
      Removing forumsite table
      Removing forumsmilie table
      Removing forumspamlog table
      Removing forumstats table
      Removing forumstrikes table
      Removing forumstyle table
      Removing forumstylevar table
      Removing forumstylevardfn table
      Removing forumsubscribediscussion table
      Removing forumsubscribeevent table
      Removing forumsubscribegroup table
      Removing forumsubscription table
      Removing forumsubscriptionlog table
      Removing forumsubscriptionpermission table
      Removing forumtag table
      Removing forumtagnode table
      Removing forumtagsearch table
      Removing forumtemplate table
      Removing forumtemplatehistory table
      Removing forumtemplatemerge table
      Removing forumtext table
      Removing forumthread_post table
      Removing forumupgradelog table
      Removing forumuser table
      Removing forumuseractivation table
      Removing forumuserban table
      Removing forumuserchangelog table
      Removing forumusercss table
      Removing forumusercsscache table
      Removing forumuserfield table
      Removing forumusergroup table
      Removing forumusergroupleader table
      Removing forumusergrouprequest table
      Removing forumuserlist table
      Removing forumusernote table
      Removing forumuserpromotion table
      Removing forumuserstylevar table
      Removing forumusertextfield table
      Removing forumusertitle table
      Removing forumvideo table
      Removing forumvideoitem table
      Removing forumwidget table
      Removing forumwidgetchannelconfig table
      Removing forumwidgetdefinition table
      Removing forumwidgetinstance table
      Removing forumwidgetuserconfig table
      Removing forumwords table
      Connection successful
      Step 2 - Creating forumaccess table
      Creating forumad table
      Creating forumadcriteria table
      Creating forumadminhelp table
      Creating forumadministrator table
      Creating forumadminlog table
      Creating forumadminmessage table
      Creating forumadminutil table
      Creating forumannouncement table
      Creating forumannouncementread table
      Creating forumattach table
      Creating forumapiclient table
      Creating forumapilog table
      Creating forumattachmentcategory table
      Creating forumattachmentcategoryuser table
      Creating forumattachmentpermission table
      Creating forumattachmenttype table
      Creating forumattachmentviews table
      Creating forumavatar table
      Creating forumautosavetext table
      Creating forumbbcode table
      Creating forumbbcode_video table
      Creating forumbookmarksite table
      Creating forumcache table
      Creating forumcacheevent table
      Creating forumcalendar table
      Creating forumcalendarcustomfield table
      Creating forumcalendarmoderator table
      Creating forumcalendarpermission table
      Creating forumchannel table
      Creating forumchannelprefixset table
      Creating forumclosure table
      Creating forumcontentpriority table
      Creating forumcontenttype table
      Creating forumcpsession table
      Creating forumcron table
      Creating forumcronlog table
      Creating forumcustomavatar table
      Creating forumcustomprofile table
      Creating forumcustomprofilepic table
      Creating forumdatastore table
      Creating forumdeletionlog table
      Creating forumdiscussion table
      Creating forumdiscussionread table
      Creating forumeditlog table
      Creating forumevent table
      Creating forumexternalcache table
      Creating forumfaq table
      Creating forumfiledataresize table
      No message
      Creating forumforumpermission table
      Creating forumgallery table
      No message
      Creating forumholiday table
      Creating forumhumanverify table
      Creating forumhvanswer table
      Creating forumhvquestion table
      Creating forumicon table
      Creating forumimagecategory table
      Creating forumimagecategorypermission table
      Creating forumindexqueue table
      Creating foruminfraction table
      Creating foruminfractionban table
      Creating foruminfractiongroup table
      Creating foruminfractionlevel table
      Creating forumgroupintopic table
      Creating forumlanguage table
      Creating forumlink table
      Creating forummailqueue table
      Creating forummessagefolder table
      Creating forummoderation table
      Creating forummoderator table
      Creating forummoderatorlog table
      Creating forumnode table
      Creating forumnoderead table
      Creating forumnodeview table
      Creating forumnodevote table
      Creating forumnotice table
      Creating forumnoticecriteria table
      Creating forumnoticedismissed table
      Creating forummapiposthash table
      Creating forumpackage table
      Creating forumpasswordhistory table
      Creating forumpaymentapi table
      Creating forumpaymentinfo table
      Creating forumpaymenttransaction table
      Creating forumpermission table
      Creating forumphoto table
      Creating forumphrase table
      Creating forumphrasetype table
      Creating forumpicturelegacy table
      Creating forumpicturecomment table
      Creating forumpicturecomment_hash table
      Creating forumpodcast table
      Creating forumpodcastitem table
      Creating forumpoll table
      Creating forumpolloption table
      Creating forumpollvote table
      Creating forumthread_post table
      No message
      Creating forumpostedithistory table
      Creating forumprefix table
      Creating forumprefixpermission table
      Creating forumprefixset table
      Creating forumprivatemessage table
      Creating forumproduct table
      Creating forumproductcode table
      Creating forumproductdependency table
      Creating forumprofileblockprivacy table
      Creating forumprofilefield table
      Creating forumprofilefieldcategory table
      Creating forumprofilevisitor table
      Creating forumranks table
      Creating forumvideo table
      Creating forumvideoitem table
      Creating forumredirect table
      Creating forumreminder table
      Creating forumreport table
      Creating forumreputation table
      Creating forumreputationlevel table
      Creating forumrssfeed table
      Creating forumrsslog table
      Creating forumsearchlog table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_a table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_b table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_c table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_d table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_e table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_f table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_g table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_h table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_i table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_j table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_k table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_l table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_m table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_n table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_o table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_p table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_q table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_r table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_s table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_t table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_u table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_v table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_w table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_x table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_y table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_z table
      Creating forumsearchtowords_other table
      Creating forumsentto table
      Creating forumsession table
      Creating forumsetting table
      Creating forumsettinggroup table
      Creating forumsigparsed table
      Creating forumsmilie table
      Creating forumspamlog table
      Creating forumstats table
      Creating forumstrikes table
      Creating forumstyle table
      Creating forumstylevar table
      Creating forumuserstylevar table
      Creating forumstylevardfn table
      Creating forumsubscribediscussion table
      Creating forumsubscribeevent table
      Creating forumsubscribegroup table
      Creating forumsubscription table
      Creating forumsubscriptionlog table
      Creating forumsubscriptionpermission table
      Creating forumtag table
      Creating forumtagsearch table
      Creating forumtagnode table
      Creating forumtemplate table
      Creating forumtemplatehistory table
      Creating forumtemplatemerge table
      Creating forumtext table
      Creating forumupgradelog table
      Creating forumuser table
      Creating forumuseractivation table
      Creating forumuserban table
      Creating forumusercss table
      Creating forumusercsscache table
      Creating forumuserchangelog table
      Creating forumuserfield table
      Creating forumusergroup table
      Creating forumusergroupleader table
      Creating forumusergrouprequest table
      Creating forumuserlist table
      Creating forumusernote table
      Creating forumuserpromotion table
      Creating forumusertextfield table
      Creating forumusertitle table
      Creating forumsigpic table
      Creating forumsigpicnew table
      Creating forumpage table
      Creating forumpagetemplate table
      Creating forumroutenew table
      Creating forumscreenlayout table
      Creating forumsite table
      Creating forumwidget table
      Creating forumwidgetdefinition table
      Creating forumwidgetinstance table
      Creating forumwidgetchannelconfig table
      Creating forumwidgetuserconfig table
      Creating forumwords table
      Creating forumnodestats table
      Creating forumnodestatreplies table
      Creating forumnodevisits table
      Step 3 - Skipping step, not needed
      Step 4 - Inserting default data into forumscreenlayout
      Inserting default data into forumsite
      Inserting default data into forumadminutil
      Inserting default data into forumattachmenttype
      Inserting default data into forumdatastore
      Inserting default data into forumbookmarksite
      Inserting default data into forumcalendar
      Inserting default data into forumcontenttype
      Inserting default data into forumcron
      Inserting default data into forumdatastore
      Inserting default data into forumfaq
      Inserting default data into forumicon
      Inserting default data into forumimagecategory
      Inserting default data into forumlanguage
      Inserting default data into forumpackage
      Inserting default data into forumpaymentapi
      Inserting default data into forumprofilefield
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrase
      Inserting default data into forumphrasetype
      Inserting default data into forumstyle
      Inserting default data into foruminfractionlevel
      Inserting default data into forumreputationlevel
      Inserting default data into forumsmilie
      Inserting default data into forumusergroup
      Inserting default data into forumusertitle
      Step 5 - General settings saved
      Step 6 - Administrator account created
      [B]Processing XML[/B]
      Step 1 - Skipping step, not needed
      Step 2 - Import latest admin help
      Importing vbulletin-adminhelp.xml
      Import Done
      Step 3 - Import latest language
      Importing vbulletin-language.xml
      Import Done
      Step 4 - Import latest widgets
      Importing vbulletin-widgets.xml
      Import Done
      [COLOR=#262D35][FONT=verdana][SIZE=11px]Status: Aborted
    I got VERY basic knowledge of this stuff. And I have no idea what goes wrong when it's processing the XML stuff.
    Any help is very appreciated.

  • #2
    I am having this same problem installing 5.1.7

    Any help with this would be appreciated.


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