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What happened to my 4.2.2 ads?

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  • What happened to my 4.2.2 ads?

    I see that in 5.1.1a that ad locations are now done via the edit page option. That’s all cool but what happened to all the ads that I had on 4.2.2 prior to the upgrade? Surely I don’t have to go and recreate them all?

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    They are stored in the ad table. There is no interface to get them. You'll either need to get them out of the database directly and add them to your Ad Modules or recreate them.

    Best solution would be to use a tool like OpenAds to manage your advertising then you can just place its code in vBulletin. That way you don't lose any ad data on upgrades.
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      Thanks, I'll take a look. Another thing to note down in my migration strategy. Good thing I'm doing all this in a test environment first.


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        OK, where are the global ones set? At the moment, if I add one to the forum page under the navbar, as soon as you go into a subforum it disappears. Tried putting into the header instead but it just look terrible.


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