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  • Editing and Creating Pages

    Cannot find where to activate the right to switch ON "Editing & creating pages"

    In documentation and videos,
    You can edit all default pages in addition to adding more pages to meet the needs of your site.
    In order to edit an existing page, activate the Site Builder by click on the the Off button in the
    upper right hand corner of your navigation bar.

    How to have the ON/OFF button on my profile?

    thanks a lot

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    If you are a site administrator with permission to use site builder the on/off button should be visible on every front end page. Are you saying yours goes away when you go to a profile page on your site?


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      thanks for your help

      I was missing to declare my user in /includes/config.php with $config['SpecialUsers']* = 'myID'

      With that done, I have the toggle ON/OFF in home page.

      What is the intend of adminCP/usergroups/Administrator Permissions Manager "can use site builder" ?
      Despite I am OFF, I can use it (with the above prerequisite in /config.php).
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