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Getting 4.2 database into 5.0.5 fresh install

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  • Getting 4.2 database into 5.0.5 fresh install

    I have my vb website which is running 4.2 on one server.

    I have installed a fresh copy of vb 5.0.5 on another server (i plan to move & update my old site).

    How do I get my 4.2 database into my 5.0.5 database, so I can start designing the site around the content that I have as I have no idea what will copy over into 5.0.5 and what wont.

    As far as I'm aware the 4.2 database won't work in 5.0.5, so how do I get it into my fresh install and it updated to work with 5.0.5 without having to upload all the 4.2 files and doing a 4.2 install and then upgrading to 5.0.5?

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    You can't at this time. You would need to upgrade your 4.2 database and use it to replace your fresh install.

    You don't need the 4.2 files to upgrade. All you need is to connect to the database and run the upgrade script included with the 5.0.5 installation.
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      Ok I have done that, and upgraded the database to 5.0.5. However I now can't use the front editor.

      When ever I click on one of the links like 'edit page'. the url turns like so and adds a hashtag and it doesn't do anything?


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