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    Hi all,

    i am trying to move my forum to another host and i have follow the instructions from vbulletin manual steps by steps, during all those process i did not get any error messages, once the migration has completed, i try to log in to my adminCP, however i am getting the following error message, any ideas how to fix it? There is a serious error and the page cannot be rendered

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'MySQL server has gone away' in /home/horizon/public_html/core/vb/db/query/update.php:120 Stack trace: #0 /home/horizon/public_html/core/vb/db/query/update.php(101): vB_dB_Query_Update->doUpdates() #1 /home/horizon/public_html/core/vb/db/assertor.php(282): vB_dB_Query_Update->execSQL() #2 /home/horizon/public_html/core/vb/db/assertor.php(517): vB_dB_Assertor->assertQuery('session', Array) #3 /home/horizon/public_html/core/vb/session.php(444): vB_dB_Assertor->update('session', Array, Array) #4 /home/horizon/public_html/core/vb/shutdown.php(84): vB_Session->save() #5 /home/horizon/public_html/core/vb/vb.php(446): vB_Shutdown->shutdown() #6 [internal function]: vB::shutdown() #7 {main} thrown in /home/horizon/public_html/core/vb/db/query/update.php on line 120

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    Are you sure your new webhost meets the minimum requirements for vBulletin 5? The error message indicates that MySQL went away (closed the connection) while we were trying to query the database.


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