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  • appearance problem

    I have installed vb5 but the forum appearance is so bad
    what's the wrong
    please help me

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    it looks like your css templates are missing. Somehow your default style is not installed correctly or it is not fetching the css file. Download a fresh copy of vbulletin from members area and reupload all the files, And run upgrade script, And it should work properly.


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      You don't have mod_rewrite availab,e or enabled, or you didn't upload the htaccess.


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        all files are there css and htaccess

        how can I have mod_rewite availabl?


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          Contact your webhost, that's something they need to do for you.


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            the rewrite function is available on my webhost servers.
            they said to me

            and I reinstall it but still have the same problem
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              1) Make sure you uploaded the .htaccess file (assuming your on Apache or a server that uses .htaccess)

              2) If your forum is installed in a sub-folder ( for example) add the code RewriteBase /vb/ direcrly below the RewriteEngine On line in .htaccess (Change /vb/ to whatever subfolder it is installed in)

              3) Double check the Base URL set in the /config.php file does not end in a slash (/)

              4) Double check the Core URL in Admin CP -> Settings -> Options -> Site Name / URL / Contact Details is correct (ends in /core) and does NOT end in a slash (/) either.


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                Every thing is ok there is no slash
                and htaccess file is uploaded
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                  could you write me the full code that should I put in htaccess, please


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                    RewriteBase /forum/

                    (But, I just went to your site and it looks just fine.)

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