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VB5 Install gone wrong

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  • VB5 Install gone wrong

    so here's my issue after many tries I was able to get VB5 to install on my 1and1 host site however I can only get to the admin CP area




    however all other pages are blank and the links do not work.
    this what I get when I click on the Main Category link:

    Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator, [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL="[email protected]"] and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

    Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


    I have checked and rechecked the config.php settings till my eyes went black they look the way they should (based on the install manual) and if I try to change them in any way all hell brakes loos with the sites formatting. Also in order to reach the forum screen I have to remove 'core/' from the address bar. wat am I missing?

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    What is in your error_logs (if you don't know where they are, ask your host)?

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      Called customer service they said this:

      500 Errors are commonly produced when there are errors in the .htaccess file or one of the package limitations has been exceeded.

      The package limitations restrict the use of no more than:
      • 8 seconds of 100% CPU usage
      • 10MB of memory
      • 16 simultaneous processes

      It is common to experience 500 errors intermittently when the package limitations have been exceeded which may correspond to swells in traffic during the day.

      When there is an error with a .htaccess file, all pages of the website will display a 500 error indefinitely until the .htaccess file is corrected or removed. As little as a simple spelling mistake or syntax error will cause a 500 error. If the .htaccess file has been edited recently, replace the file with a backup. If no backup is available, try to undo the changes to the file if you can remember what has been altered. If those options are not feasible, you can try commenting lines one by one by placing a pound sign(#) at the beginning of the line to comment it out. Then try to access a page of the site. Continue to add the pound sign to more lines until the 500 error stops which should help you pinpoint which line needs to be corrected.

      Also they did not give me any actual log to reference... I would upload the logs that I do have but the interface on this site wont let me upload my logs.


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        Also as a note my package limitations have NOT been exceeded, as I only use around 1% of what I am allotted in any given month.


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          What is in your .htaccess file?

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            Your webhost sounds overly restricted, 10mb of memory is tiny... some vB pages even on vB3-4 can use more than that.


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              Here is the .htaccess files that I have in the file structure that they are in on the server. I am paying about $5 per 3 months for my webhost its not so bad.
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                Update: I changed my plan so the site can use 50mb of memory instead of 10mb, however now I receive a Error 404 message when I click on links.


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                  Have you got mod_rewrite installed within PHP on your server?
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                    How would I go about looking for it?


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                      Thank you to all that has tried to help me so far.

                      However does anyone have any help that does not include you messed up not us? Its been 4 days and 25+ installs and I still do not have a workable site... you have asked about mod_rewrite I don't know where to find it at this point, is it a server side thing or is it some thing that I should be able to find? If I can get that answered I would be better equipped to find the answers for myself... I'm not beta testing VB5 I paid for it so I would like for it to work, at least once... before I break it.

                      Sorry if I sound like an ass I'm just frustrated.
                      Thank you for your time.


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                        The only way to know for sure would be to ask your host.

                        However, VB5 probably needs at least 128 MB of memory. You would be hard pressed to run even old versions on 50 MB.

                        But that said if the memory is the cause an "Out of Memory" error should still be logged in the php error logs.


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                          I was able to get the site to no longer show the old error now I get this:

                          "That action could not be completed. Please try again, and if this occurs again please contact the system administrator and tell them how you got this message."

                          the login/register button along with all other button like turn edit mod on/off are grayed out, also my still shows blank a blank screen.
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                            As a note I verified that mod_rewrite was installed and active on my server / site


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                              I suggest opening a support ticket from the Member's Area. Include Admin CP and FTP log in information.


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